The Game Plan – The Difference Between Small Business Success and Failure

The Game Plan – the … Between Small Business Success and Failure It is an American dream to own a … But sadly, … to the U.S. … of … only 1 in 5 … is

The Game Plan – the Difference Between Small Business
Success and Failure

It is an American dream to own a business. But sadly,Guest Posting
according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, only 1 in 5
businesses is still in business 5 years after it opens.

A business needs a great business plan, but it doesn’t give
management enough information to have a successful,
profitable business. You dramatically increase your chance
of success with a game plan. According to a
PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey, over half of the fastest
growing firms not only have business plans, but also have
separate game plans to keep them focused on what must be
done day to day.

A business plan gets you in the game. A game plan keeps you
in the game. To use the sports analogy, it’s easy to see how
you are going to win the game in from the locker room. Most
businesses don’t have a working plan that takes into account
what actually happens on the field once play starts.

A business plan is a sales brochure and a game plan is an
instruction manual. You send a business plan to potential
investors and others to excite them about the business. A
business plan is about strategy. You create a business plan
at a management meeting. A game plan is about tactics and is
created by and for the people on the front lines. A game
plan talks openly about the good, the bad, and the ugly in
the business and is used by people in the business to make
decisions every day. It talks about what to do in a crisis.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

The CEO takes a look at his balance sheet and decides that
his company has too much of its cash tied up in inventory,
so he gets his managers together and creates a new corporate
objective for the year – to reduce inventory by 25%. If they
do that they will all be entitled to a bonus. The managers
aren’t stupid – they know the only way to reduce inventory
is to sell what they can and not replace it. So they put on
a special promotion for their hottest selling items, they
reduce the inventory of those to almost nothing, and they
get their bonus. But what has really happened here. The
CEO’s company is now left with the inventory of the items
that weren’t selling, and they don’t have adequate inventory
of their best selling items. The CEO didn’t really lead, the
employees cared more about their bonuses than doing what was
right for the company, and there wasn’t a plan of action
that was tied into a meaningful company objective.

A game plan focuses on these things: creating big goals that
matter, giving individual employees responsibility to carry
out their portion of those goals, creating a budget and a
reward system that supports the goals, and tools to allow
employees to measure their own progress.

Steps in the Game Plan Process

The game plan requires a series of steps, beginning with the
CEO getting in touch with his or her desires for the
business. Then, the management team must delve into what is
real for the business today – understanding the business
model (how the company makes money), having a handle on what
is happening in the market, and finally, knowing what is
happening in the company culture. With all this background
work done, the actual creation of the game plan begins. At
best, it is a facilitated process of discussions matching
what is real today with what is possible tomorrow, in the
long run and in the short run.

A game plan only looks out a year at most, but within the
context of a much longer period of time. The company might
decide where they want to be in five years – the game plan
is just the next series of steps toward that longer-term
goal. There is no point in setting objectives for which
there aren’t adequate resources, so objectives and budget
are discussed in tandem. Another challenge of the game
planning process is to define success for each objective and
decide how it will be measured.

This is a time for healthy argument as sales wants more
resources to increase revenue, product development wants
more of the objectives to be toward R&D for the company’s
future, and the operations manager wants more staff to
improve quality. This is also the time for managers to
consider the implications for all the decisions. And it is
the time for the CEO to create a connection between the
objectives and each of the managers so that there is
personal commitment to the success of the company. If
managers are not committed, they will never be able to
expect commitment from other employees.

Turning Objectives Into Actions

When the company objectives and budget are ironed out, about
half the work is done. A second series of steps takes the
objectives set at a corporate level, and creates specific
action items for each employee that support the department
and then company objectives. Just as the CEO and the
managers hashed out the process of give and take between
what is today and where they would like to be tomorrow, each
manager must go through the same process with the
departments’ employees. Each employee must have a series of
actions, but most importantly, each employee should know
where they stand at any time they wish to check.

For instance, if the objectives for a customer service
employee are to keep call length to an average of 2 minutes,
have sales of an average of $50 per customer who calls, and
to return all calls within 24 hours, then you want that
employee to be able to find the measurements for those
objectives as often as he or she wishes. The goal is for the
employee to have access to just as much information about
his or her performance as the manager. An employee who can
assess his or her own progress real-time will correct
performance deficiencies without a manager’s insistence.

The Plan Isn’t a Secret

The final piece is constant communication about the plan and
the company’s progress to the employees. The game plan is
not only communicated initially, it must be kept alive
throughout the year with meetings focused on measuring
progress toward the goals. Successes should be celebrated

In my own company, we used something we called a Game Plan
Circle to illustrate our plan each year. It was a six-foot
circle with our vision in the middle that radiated out to
cover company objectives, department and individual
objectives. It served as a visual we could refer to in
meetings to keep us on track.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let your business become another failure statistic. A
business plan is a great first step in starting or
fundamentally changing a business. The next step is a game
plan – a translation of that business plan to each
employee’s actions every day.

You Need a Business Plan for Inernet Success

Find out the basics for beginning your own online business and the web site you will need to succeed. Find you what you need to start online.

Get rich quick on the internet. How many times do you see that phrase or something like it as you surf the web? There are so many schemes out there to accomplish that goal. But how many people actually get to that dream?

Very few. And why is that? The biggest mistake that most beginning internet marketers make is not going into their project with a “business mindset”. They’re looking at an internet business as a “get rich” scheme. They doom their success from the get go.

To start an internet business you first need a plan. With a brick and mortar business this business plan is usually made to attract investors or secure a bank loan for start up money. But the internet is different territory. An internet business still needs a plan to focus its efforts.

The business plan in this sense is to subject your ideas of selling online to a vigorous scrutiny and see if your plans meet the test of what you will need to actually make it online. Your business plan is your game plan.

Without a true business plan or a true plan of attack,Guest Posting all the software, product development and marketing strategies are just hit and miss exercises. That’s why you need a good business plan from the start. Without a business plan your chances of failure are greatly increased. Your business plan should include what you are going to do to succeed as well as what you will do if things fail miserably. All angles should be covered.

Business plans force you to do the research that most internet businesses fail to do before they start. This is vital to the success of your business. If you already have a product, then you’re one step ahead of the game. Most of us don’t though. Here’s where making a business plan will allow you to think about your interests and passions that might make good niches to market products in.

You can begin to research keywords revolving around your interests to see if there are opportunities for developing products that will meet the needs of the people surfing those keywords. Search for those keywords that have high traffic and then search for related keywords that are also in demand. This type of research will become the basis of your internet business plan.

Out of your keyword research you should come up with a product or service idea you wish to market on the internet. You must precisely describe what it is. What is needed to develop this product? What makes it unique? This marks the first phase of your business plan research and leads into the next.

Researching markets goes hand in hand with product research. And it isn’t looking for those pre-made websites that don’t cost you a dime and that make someone else rich. It’s looking for relevant keywords around which your business theme and business web site will be built upon.

This has to be a solid foundation so that your online business will succeed. It’s the old cliche: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. It’s a known fact that 95% of those that start an online business will fail. Why not plan to succeed? And when you’re planning, don’t plan to become rich overnight. That’s what so many online gurus keep telling you what’s going to happen.

Have you noticed? All those gurus have these large lists they mail to every day, every week, or whenever. They keep telling you about the latest business opportunity that will make you rich overnight or in just a few days. But the next day, they email you again with the newest way to make money online and it’s a whole new program you have to join. Soon, you’re spending all this money on programs that are going to do it for you online but no money is coming in.

The only people that get rich on those schemes are the people starting them and the large list owners that are promoting them. Yet there are thousands taking these gurus up on these types of “businesses” every day. Believe it or not, an internet business doesn’t materialize overnight and make you rich. An online business is like any other business, building slowly over time. You just have to stick with it.

You want your online business to endure time. Remember, most of those gurus promote business programs that are fly-by-night. They’ll be here today, gone tomorrow. That’s why they’re always dangling a new business scheme in your face, hoping you’ll bite on it an make them some money today. Tomorrow they’ll have to promote a new one because they’ve made their money and have left you out on the line to dry.

Your web site is your store front. It must be carefully designed to attract visitors. Without people viewing it, you will have not sales. The web site’s objective’s and design must be taken into account in your online business plan. Make sure your plan is specific in your objectives and the web site meets these. Here again, the web site should grow to meet the needs of your business and be enduring. A site that people come back to time and time again because it’s loaded with new and pertinent information.

Your web site should reflect where you want to make your income. If you want to make your income from Asense ads, then you need lots of informational content. If you’re making income from affiliate programs, then you want a site that sells the affiliate program. If you are selling your own product, then your site should center around the benefits of that product and ultimately send your visitor to a sales page that clinches the deal.

All of this should be considered when making your online business plan. The plan is the pivital document which your business is centered. A business plan makes you think about all of this and centers your business. It is all inclusive and done before you jump into the internet side of things. Don’t just jump in. Have a true plan for your online business. Think it all out before you make your leap.

With a well thought out plan, your online business will succeed. Without forethought and planning, you’re bound to fail. Go into the internet as you would with a brick and mortar business and you are marching into success.

Planning for a business transition

Business transition planning is preparing for the handover by sale, but-out, or take-over following the demise of the owner. This is accomplished through corporate governance documents like an operating agreement or partnership agreement.

What is a business transition A business transition can be defined as any change in the ownership or management of a business. This can occur when the stock of business is bought out. This commonly occurs when the buyer wants to obtain licenses held by the business as opposed to obtaining their own licenses or permits. This transition can also occur upon the retirement or demise of the owner or owners. With multiple owners the surviving owners may inherit the ownership but this is not a foregone conclusion. Without proper documentation addressing this situation the survivors of the owner such as a spouse,Guest Posting children, parent, or other beneficiaries may inherit the ownership through operation of a Will of by law if there is no Will. Having family members or other beneficiaries suddenly become part owners may not be intended or preferred thus addressing this possibility should be pf paramount importance to the owners and can easily be accommodated in the corporate governance documents. There is an applicable famous saying that the failure to plan is a plan to fail. Particularly when a business owner dies without any documents to address the transition of the business that saying appropriately addresses what happens. In such case like passing without a Will, the business owner can leave a disaster for those who survive. An easy solution is to have an experienced business lawyer prepare a simple document to allow a surviving spouse, employee, or other beneficiary to instantly take over and run or wind up the business. This allows the survivor to take advantage of the value of the business at the time of the owner’s death for the benefit of whom ever the owner desire like family or charity. Corporate governance documents are the key for business transition The limited liability company is the most common business entity used today in Florida. For the LLC the document that achieves an efficient business transition and alleviates problems caused by the death or incapacity of the company’s owner is an operating agreement. This is sometimes referred to in common parlance as a partnership agreement but the LLC is technically not a legal partnership so the proper term is an operating agreement. Even if the LLC has only one member or owner, the operating agreement can act like a Will for the business. My article titled Do I need an operating agreement for my Florida LLC on LLC operating agreements is a quick read and contains helpful information about Florida operating agreements. Corporations are governed by their bylaws and shareholder agreement. For the Inc. those should contain continuity provisions specifying who will take over in the event of the demise of the owner. In Florida, the LLC has eclipsed the Inc. as the preferred business entity because only one governing document is needed as opposed to two. Also, the protections afforded to owners between the two are the same but the management and documentation requirements are less for the LLC. My article entitled Which is better the Inc. or the LLC discusses the differences between these two types of entities in more detail. What can you do to prepare for a business transition In addition to having properly drafted corporate governance documents like an operating agreement prepared by your corporate lawyer, a prudent measure is to also develop a transition plan. The operating agreement will say who takes over but the internal transition plan will serve to tell that person what to actually do. This transition plan is similar to what you would prepare for any disaster response. But this transition plan must be balanced against the needs of the business to protect its proprietary information. To put it in other terms, the operating agreement is like telling everyone concerned that person X gets everything in your safe. The transition plan would tell person X how to open the safe. What is a business transition plan and what should be in it A business normally has clients, vendors, and may have employees or independent contractors. The client and vendor information may be confidential or even a trade secret. The business may have other trade secret information, trademarks, and a virtual presence like social media and e-commerce accounts. The owner or owners may not regularly share all of that information with employees and contractors. The employees and contractors may also be subject to confidentiality, non-compete, and/or non-solicitation agreements. Therefore the business owner or owners can prepare that information but need not share it with anyone until a triggering event occurs. As long as the person tasked to take over the business or another trusted person other than the business owner knows of the existence of the business transition document then when the triggering event occurs the document can be easily retrieved and activated. The business transition plan can be paper or digital. The location of the business transition plan can also be defined in the operating agreement or other writing. Ideally it would contain information about the operations of the business and how to contact important parties like vendors and clients.The transition plan should also include passwords and log-in information for all business online accounts or the location of those so the party tasked with taking over the business to run it or wind it up can more easily do so. Whether to continue to operate the business, to sell it, or to wind it up may be up to the person into whose hands the business owner placed the business in the operating agreement. Depending on the circumstances that decision could be made by that person alone or together with others. How does a business transition plan apply to single member and multi-member LLCs If the LLC has multiple members it is a multi-member LLC. In that case the operating agreement will normally contain a provision for the disposition of the deceased or retired member’s shares. For example in those cases the shares may automatically revert to the company upon the death of a member imposing a purchase obligation on the business to pay the named beneficiary or beneficiaries under an agreed formula over a specified period of time. The surviving member or members may already know how to fully operate the business. But where the deceased or retired member had some specific knowledge of certain operations in the business, a transition plan will ensure the continuity of the business. Cross training between members will also promote the success of the business they worked hard to build. When the company has only one member it is a single member LLC. In that instance the operating agreement and transition plan become even more important to allow for a smooth transition. The plan can even be useful where the owner does not die but just decides to sell. That transition plan can add to or take the place of a post-sale management agreement where the owner stays on to show the buyer how to run the business. When used in this manner, the transition plan can add great value to the purchase price akin to selling the business with a user manual. As to what every business owner needs to know before selling their business my article on that topic is accessible by clicking the highlighted text. What is a business wind up As mentioned above the person identified in the business transition plan and operating agreement tasked to take over the business must often decide whether to sell it, run it, or close it. The closure of the business it called the wind up. When a business decides to close or is forced to close it undergoes this wind up process. The corporate governance documents like the bylaws and shareholder agreement for a corporation and the operating agreement for a limited liability company normally address this wind up process. Corporations that have no corporate governing documents are regulated in this regard by Chapter 607 of Florida’s Statutes. The wind up of a limited liability company without an operating agreement is handled by Chapter 605. Those statutes instruct business owners how to properly wind up their business so that the owner or owners are not exposed to liability from the business after it closes. The basic concept for the wind up of both the Inc. and the LLC is to amass the assets, provide notice to creditors, and pay them before insiders. If a business owner simply takes all the money or assets to the detriment of the creditors and closes the business, the owner can expose him or herself to the claims of those creditors and may lose the protections that the business provided. A business can cease to exist in one of three ways. First, it can be administratively dissolved if it fails to file its annual report. In that case without a proper wind up the owner or owners can still be exposed to liability. Secondly, it can be judicially dissolved if the governing document allows for that and the parties file a lawsuit. That lawsuit in common parlance is called a corporate divorce and takes the place of the wind up because it is done within the lawsuit. The third method of closing a business is a voluntary dissolution. In that situation the owner or partners meet and vote on articles of dissolution. The operating agreement may address how the wind up will occur and the votes needed for dissolution. It can also address what happens if some partners want to dissolve the business and others do not. Conclusion The business has a choice of not having any governing documents like an operating agreement or partnership agreement and of accepting what the Florida legislature has deemed appropriate under the applicable statutes. Or the business can take control of the situation with its own governing documents. As an experienced and seasoned business litigator who has tried corporate divorces with and without operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, or partnership agreements in court I believe that it is always prudent for business owners to protect the assets they have worked hard to develop by having an operating agreement. Sophisticated business owners will embrace the idea of a business transition plan and prepare for that possibility so their diligent efforts to build a successful business will benefit whomever they decide should take over that business if they are incapacitated or perish. An experienced and seasoned business litigator can help your business in preparing these and other important business documents

Getting Script Consulting on Your Screenplay and How it Can Help

When you complete a script it it always a good idea to get some form of script consulting to make sure it is proof read and up to scratch. If you send off a script to an agent or producer that has spelling mistakes and the incorrect format then you will almost certainly get rejected, doing this multiple times will just give you a bad name in the industry and make it a whole lot harder. The three main things to look for in script doctoring are; format checking, good testimonials and a reasonable price.

Checking The Format

This is a very important part of having a finished script. If you send out a screenplay that isn’t is the right format then it will almost automatically get rejected, you will have to be very lucky otherwise. If you aren’t sure if you have the right layout then I would recommend learning and re editing your script before you even think about sending it off. Always make sure that whatever script consulting you get that they check every aspect of the format.

Good Testimonials

When you think you have found someone to check your script then always search the internet for previous customer testimonials and reviews on their service. Check online forums and places that wont be biased, this will give you a good indication on the level of service.

What’s The Right Price?

Script consulting prices can heavily vary. If you look for an independent script doctor then it will always be expensive. If you are a beginner then I would recommend doing a screenwriting course, this way you should get free script consulting at the end. This is very often cheaper than an independent script doctor. Overall I would say that if you are experienced then I would get an independent script consultant or if you are a beginner then just enroll in a screenwriting course that provides feedback at the end. There is no right or wrong way to go about script consulting.

What Can Logistics Business Development Consulting Do for Your Company?

If you want to increase the growth of your company, you should look into logistics business development consulting. This type of service exists to help companies of all kinds grow and prosper. If you are ready to learn ways to make more money and generally achieve success in your industry, you should learn what a consultant of this kind can do for you.

These days, one of the most important aspects of improving your company is ensuring you are using the right technology. There are lots of applications available to businesses of all kinds, and you might not be using the ones that can really benefit you. If you are using outdated software or are not aware of the programs that could help your staff, hiring a professional in logistics business development consulting might help. This type of consultant can introduce you to new technology you did not even know existed, and he or she can then show you how to use it to your advantage.

In fact, consultants are often able to train entire teams to use new software. You likely lack the time to train your staff members yourself, and you might not even know how to begin if you are not sure how to use the new software. This is why you need a consultant to take some time to show your staff all the new features. You can arrange a day or even a week for your employees, or at least the management team, to meet with the consultant you have hired so they can learn how to use the new technology.

If you are already using all the programs available to you, yet your company has not grown to your satisfaction, you might still benefit from logistics business development consulting. This is because consultants in this field can show you how to make the most of your current client base, and then add to it, as well. This means you will be taught new techniques regarding sales and marketing, in addition to customer service, so you can keep your current clients happy. Your whole team could likely stand to learn this information if you really want to grow.

You need to hire a professional who specializes in logistics business development consulting if you want these benefits. Make sure you find out what exactly he or she can do for businesses like yours. Then set out on the task of hiring the right person to lead the growth of your company.

Why You Need an HR Consultant

The human resource consultation sector is a multi billion industry. In today’s world, clients’ needs are more complex than before. A lot of firms and companies are cutting costs by outsourcing human resource firms that are able to manage and handle such matters. The role of the human resource consultant is ever changing. In addition, it has also become strategic if any company or organization is to become successful.

A human resource consultant has the work of aligning the company’s employees with the strategies of the organization. They have the task of attracting the best-qualified candidates for job openings. Many companies have lost their best employees to rival companies and competitors. In addition, they have also seen their workers resign for different reasons. A HR resource consultant has the responsibility of ensuring that this never happens. The work Brisbane HR consultants is also in leadership training for the management.

The HR consultant also advices firms on the best forms of budgeting for employee’s salaries and wages. They will articulate the differences in remuneration between employees in the same or different departments. They also regularly advice the companies on remuneration decisions pragmatically.

Employers are finding it important to compensate their employee adequately in order to keep them productive. In addition, they are also learning why it is important to keep on attracting new talent to reap maximum results. Effective remuneration for employees allows the firms to keep track of the fiscal responsibilities. In that regard, an effective human resource consultant will help the company or a firm to develop programs that cut costs but also inline with the requirements of their diverse employees.

They will help the company develop an administrative plan in funding and arrangement, executive coaching, stop-loss alternatives and set performance standards for company employees. In addition, they also manage administrative agreements and quality scoring mechanism. A human resource consultant uses HR tool kits to solve employee and management issues. Most clients who utilize the services of a human resource consultant have satisfied work force, which usually translates to beer yield from efficient production.

Benefits of Hiring an International Educational Consultancy

Educational consultants are experts who provide individual guidance to students in their search for the perfect college, and help them with applications, scholarships and the entire process of college admissions. These consultants study the admission processes of colleges and universities, and gain knowledge about the basic minimum requirements to determine the simplest processes of gaining admission. They interact with admissions officers in various colleges to ensure that they have current knowledge of any changes that take place on campuses. They provide reliable information and educational planning for the student’s career. They also give advice to students and counsel them about the best course that would be optimally suited to their talents and inclination.

A high quality international education consultant is needed for achieving and developing international student enrollments. These consultants organize education consultancy fairs and exhibitions to set up an environment for a meeting between consultants and students. They offer programs for personality enhancement which is aimed at developing personality of participants including communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills etc. By working closely with the students, the consultant develops an understanding of their capabilities, requirements and placements needs.

Educational consultants assist the students in applying for financial loans or arranging the necessary funding. Students need help in arranging well organized financial documents within the given time and in the required format. It is the responsibility of an education consultant to plan and assist students and educational organizations with the best educational planning methods. They help in choosing the most suitable institution, arrange accommodation facility and also book air tickets. Thus we can see that international consultants are a one stop shop catering to all the requirements of the student till they are safely ensconced in their preferred destination. Through specific training, the students are able to sharpen their skills and meet the minimum requirements for successful admissions. They prepare a systematic progress report on each and every student and inform their progress to the parents. International education guide and organizations also offer personality development programs that help the students to sail successfully through campus interviews, internship and personal interviews.

A degree from an internationally acclaimed university is of high value in your career path. Successful students can earn their place in reputed organizations and advance their career rapidly. It is clear that the international education consultants plays a vital role in guiding the students along the right career direction in various spheres of education.

Freelancing As a Management Consultant

An alternative to working for a consultancy is working as an independent consultant or a freelancer. Freelancing offers many benefits, but it is not for everybody. In order to be a successful freelance management consultant, first and foremost you must be a self-starter.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

The upside of freelancing as a management consultant include:

  • Better earning potential – there is no salary cap
  • Greater variety of work
  • More flexibility to spend a portion of time working on other interests (e.g. a hobby or entrepreneurial venture)
  • The ability to choose only those projects to pursue that are truly interesting· The ability to achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • Potential to experience diverse cultures and business approaches
  • Choosing where you would like to work
  • Choosing when you would like to work
  • Honing your experience for a future position in a company
  • Many tax benefits from working via a LTD

The downside of freelancing as a management consultant includes:

  • Feast or famine syndrome – either you have so much work you don’t know what to do or so little work you worry about how food will land on the table
  • Difficulty in planning ahead budget-wise because of monthly cashflow fluctuations
  • A lack of a support network – i.e. no legal services, templates, etc.
  • No prospect of promotion – you are it
  • Too much flexibility in time (i.e. procrastinators and perfectionists beware)
  • No one to delegate to
  • No company benefits (e.g. you will need to pay for health insurance, pension etc)

Freelancer Earning Potential

Typical management consultant freelancers can earn between $80,000 and $145,000 (£54,000-£97,593) or more a year. The average hourly rate of a self-employed consultant varies between $35 and $400 (£23-£270) per hour depending on where they live and the industries they target to. At the same time, to get to this level of earning, a freelance consultant must first put in much time in building their business, networking, and advertising. Starting up a successful freelance consultancy requires consistency, dedication, and a lot of self-motivation.

What is the Right Time to Freelance?

The best time to move to freelancing as a consultant is when you have six months to a year of living expenses in a savings account, when you have made a number of contacts through your consulting or industry job, and when you have sufficient education or experience to command a reasonable clientele within a short period of time. Without a reserve fund, there will be too much pressure and stress to create quality work for clients. Without contacts and a network, finding initial clients will be difficult. Without education or experience, signing contracts with those initial clients will be difficult. Some freelance management consultants begin their businesses when between jobs. It is important to remember to treat freelancing as you would a business.

How to Begin Freelancing

When making the move from working for a consultancy or working in industry to freelancing it is important to take the time to create a well-constructed business plan. This plan will include market research, annual goals, target clients, etc. Also, when freelancing, be sure to invest in good health, disability, and life insurance. Contribute regularly to a savings account and retirement account. This way, you can protect yourself in those “famine” times. You will want to choose an apt name for your freelancing business and set your prices.

Benefits of Consulting a Doctor Online

The Internet is a big, open and mostly free, library for any and every questions people have. Apart from questions about relationships, the most common questions are about disease symptoms, ailments and their cures. Many rely on Google for medical information related to a particular symptom, disease or any medical condition they assume they have. So it only makes sense for the medical world to create a place for itself in the world of internet.

There are numerous Doctors’ forums where people can post questions, which are answered by Doctors. Qualified Doctors utilize this popular medium to reach out to those who are in need of advice. Recognizing the opportunity here, more than a few doctors today allot a part of their time for online consultation.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of consulting a doctor online.

Ease of access

One can consult with a doctor of choice (who can be found with proper research online or via recommendation) from the ease of one’s own home/office/any other place of choice. All that is needed is a device with internet access.

Time saving

A lot of time can be saved as there is no need of traveling or waiting in a queue for consultation. If any tests results are required prior to a detailed consultation, this can be enquired in advance and kept ready. Also, one does not have to take time off work, and hence there is a lesser chance of missing appointments.

Cost effective

As there are no overhead costs, labor charges, etc, doctors charge fairly less for an online consultation when compared to face-to-face consultation. While the cost of medicines and tests may not be different, the benefits of consulting a doctor online can be viewed as cost effective compared to the expense involved registering as a patient at the hospital/clinic, in traveling back-and-forth, etc.


People with hesitate to go for a face-to-face consultation when they suffer from embarrassing symptoms or ailments. Although some patients may later choose to physically visit a doctor for advanced forms of treatment, people who prefer complete anonymity are also able to find a platform online to have their concerns addressed.

Lesser risk

Self diagnosis might appear to be easy and cost effective but is highly risky as not everything published online maybe accurate. Rather than relying on forums and Google for answers to one’s medical queries, one can consult directly with a doctor with the same ease and convenience.

It is generally agreed that many routine face-to-face consultations with GPs could be done safely online. With all these benefits of consulting a doctor online, it is not surprising that online consultations are on the rise, even in India where internet is used with caution.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Computer Consulting Company

Knowing what questions to ask when you’re hiring a new computer consulting company can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. But knowing what too ask and what to look for can be difficult, especially when you’re hiring the services of an independent contractor rather than an employee that you have on your payroll. The following tips, however, should help guide you in the process of finding a computer consultant that is skilled, experienced and can meet the needs of your specific business.

Full-time or Part-time Consultant? When hiring a computer consultant, consider whether your company is going to need full time tech service or if it can manage with simply having a part-time consultant. If you have a small business, you might only need to hire an independent contractor or part-time consultant. If you have a larger business, however, it might be worth the money to hire the services of a full consulting company.

Who are the people who work for the consulting firm? When you’re interviewing a consultant, ask whether he’s part of a larger firm. If he is, ask how many people work in his company. What are their jobs, backgrounds and specialties? Will they be involved in consulting your business? The more specifics you ask about the people who work at the consulting company, the better you’ll be able to sniff out whether or not they are professionals who will provide you with the quality service you need.

What size is the consultant’s typical client? A consultant company that works mostly with large business might have a lot of experience dealing with large computer networks and employees, but they’re probably also used to their client’s having fairly large budgets. If you’re a small business, it might be better to look for a consulting firm that specializes in working with small businesses, as they’ll know how to deal with your needs better.

Is the consulting company a hardware or software vendor as well? Some consulting firms also sell their own hardware and software products, or those of an affiliate company. In some cases, signing on with a some consulting firms means only using their products. A good consulting firm, however, will allow you to use whichever hardware and software seller you want.

What kind of training does the consulting company provide? This is an important question to ask, because the more you depend on a consulting company, the more money they’ll be able to squeeze out of you. A good consulting company, however, will provide you with training so that you can be more self-sufficient and only call upon them when you really need it.